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Stage 3: 1995 - 1999


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By 1995 I was running four groups. These had split off from the original single group I ran and were:

    The Silver Phoenix group at Croydon Park

    The Sapphire Blades at Killara

    The White Wolves also at Killara

    The Black Dragons at Sutherland, though this group soon disappeared.


However, during the course of the year there was a major split among the Killara groups, hence the groups as we know them today came to be.


  While the Black Dragons at Sutherland failed to last I was soon running a completely new group in the southern part of Sydney:
The original Red Lions of Sylvania, established 1995.


The Killara groups continued strong with regular training as well as fight days. These two photos
show a fight day in 1995 with Danelaw fighting
the Killara Black Ravens.


  At this time also many future stalwarts...


also began to train.


  1996 marked the beginning of my major work doing school shows.


This fete, held at Bass Hill Primary, being a notable
occasion as it was one of the few times all of the
groups got together at a single event.


  1996 also saw others become regulars in the movement...


and many more fights in the Killara bush.


  Sadly, the transition from 1996 to 1997 saw the Croydon Park group wind up.


However, by 1997, and through the rest of the '90's,
the Sylvania group was going strong.

This photo shows the entire horde as of 1998 and those
below some of the regular members from this time.





  Here is another Bass Hill fete show that was held in 1998 / 99.


It was ran by Danelaw who also invited some of the people from my Sylvania group along and was probably one of the first times we fought together since the split.



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